Push Position

Air Navigation provides an online real-time service to keep track of nearby traffic to lower the risk of collision.

Drones can send their position to this service so that other pilots in the region can see the UAVs on their Air Navigation application screen and be alarmed in case of collision danger.

Base URL

The REST API is accessible from the following URLs:

Base URL

Authentication and Authorization

Same as for the Advisory Activities service. You need to use your Authorization Token together with the user Token. Check Advisory Activities for more details.

API Endpoint
HTTP Method
Sample Request Body

Request Parameters
Name Type Value Description
action string "pushdrone" Say that we want to push a drone position
vendor_token string 40-byte The authorization token obtained from http://uav.airnavigation.aero
user_token string 40-byte The user token obtained from Get End User Token API method. Check for instruction on Advisory Activities
id integer 0->63 Identifies a unique drone for the user
lat number -90->90 WGS-84 latitude in decimal degrees
lon number -180->180 WGS-84 longitude in decimal degrees
alt number -1000->15000 Pressure altitude in meters
gs number 0->400 Ground speed in meter / sec
vs number -100->100 Vertical speed in meter / sec (+ is climbing)
tc number 0->360 True course in degrees, 0 is toward north, 90 is toward east
cs string 8-byte (optional): call sign name for the drone, if available
CURL equivalent